Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (hereinafter ‘the privacy policy’) describes a LEI Register group company (hereinafter ‘LEI Register’) rules to collect, manage and authenticate personal or corporate data in any form.

1. Data controller

The Controller of your personal data is the LEI Register group company, i.e. a company within the LEI Register group responsible for processing your data, based on a contractual or pre-contractual relationship, or other services offered by the company which you have used or intend to use. The contact details for all LEI Register group companies can be found here.

2. Contact Email:

3. Purpose of collecting personal and corporate data:

4. LEIKART require personal data of signing authority and corporate data of legal entity to issue, renew and transfer Legal Entity Identifier Code. We also use this data to contact signing authority and corporate regarding Legal Entity Identifier data updation and notification regarding same.

5. LEIKART will not disclose collected personal data to unauthorised third parties. However, LEIKART may transfer the personal data to third parties that provide a contractual service to LEIKART. Such third parties are obliged under the contract to use the personal data disclosed to them only for the provision of the contractual service. LEIKART may also disclose collected personal data to authorities or other third parties where required by applicable laws.

6. Data security
Collected personal data will kept in secure device and only authorized person will have right to access customer data if and only require to process or update Legal Entity Identifier Code.

7. Data retention policy
Collected personal data will be with us till ongoing business relationship carries on. Once business relationship ended client can request to erase all personal data stored with LEIKART.